Hey folks, we are back with another episode of Udaariyaan that begins with Fateh who is requesting Baba Ji to save Tejo from Angad. Amrik consoles him and says that they will let her believe and she will be hers. Another side, Tejo is about to have the roll but falls down. She says that she will have to go back to her house and feels better. She asks him to leave her alone and Angad follows her. Amrik says that he can do anything for Fateh and he always stood to save him from everything.


Amrik says that it’s his turn to do something for him. Fateh tries to find her but he fails. He thinks that how can she think about him? Amrik says that he checked his apartment of Tejo but he didn’t find her there. He is going to check Angad’s apartment if she will be there. Jasmine says that she also wants to go there but Amrik asks her to stay here with him. Angad comes to Tejo’s house and talks to her landlord. He asks about Tejo but she is not in the house.

Angad thinks that she knows everything and goes from there. Another side, Mahi gets upset in the house and receives a message. Mahi’s mother comes inside her room and asks her about Simran. Mahi says that she is tired and wants to sleep. Amrik asks Fateh to go back to home and they will have to save Tejo from Angad. Suddenly, Fateh sees Tejo coming to him, and they see each other and Tejo hugs him.

Tejo says sorry to him and gets teary. She tells him that he tried to kill her. Fateh asks her to stay calm and doesn’t need to say anything. She meets everyone. Another side, Mahi sends him a message and he thinks that he will shame his family once. Mahi warns him. She says that she can’t tell anyone. On the other side, Jasmine says that she couldn’t do anything.

Angad is still searching for her and Amrik says that they are going back to India tonight. He is booking the tickets. Jasmine says that she is feeling hungry and Fateh stays with Tejo. They talk to each other and Fateh says if does she still believe in him? Tejo says that she has been living separate from him and it will take some time. Tejo says that she was wrong and didn’t assume that he was this kind of person and now, they will have to find the reality of Angad. Tejo and Fateh create a plan against Angad but Fateh asks her not to do this. The Episode Ends.


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