The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Tejo and Angad who get to know that Dara didn’t die in the accident and it was just a plan for them. He says that if he will go to jail, Jasmine will also be arrested. On the other side, Tejo rushes to the hospital where she finds that Amrik is taking care of Jasmine and Tejo sees this. Jasmine calls Tejo and calls her. Jasmine asks where did she go alone? She was worried and Tejo thinks about Dara. Tejo asks Amrik to take a coffee for her.

Udaariyaan 12th March 2022 Written Update

Tejo says to Jasmine that she wants to ask something. Suddenly, Tejo’s mother comes there and tells her that they can take Jasmine to the house tomorrow. Tejo tells her that she is going to leave with Jasmine but her mother says that Amrik is taking care of her. Jasmine’s mother blesses her and leaves the hospital. Suddenly, Fateh comes there and asks where did she go. Tejo says that she went orphanage to give some books and clothes to children. Fateh asks about her condition and she tells him that she was playing with them.

Jasmine says that she is very good and hugs her. Tejo continuously remembers Dara who has much proof for her. Suddenly, Amrik comes with coffee and juice and Amrik tells her that they were good friends and now, they are husband-wife. Tejo sees their happiness. Later, Fateh says that he can’t stay calm until he gets to know the reality behind Jasmine. Tejo thinks that how can she tell him that she got to know about Jasmine’s reality.

Another side, everyone is happy because Jasmine is coming home after a long time. The family says that Tejo is the number one girl. Fateh says that once, he get to know the reality of this, he will take her back to this house with respect. While Tejo’s father thinks that once she comes back home, he will get her married to a good man who will keep her happy. At night, Tejo keeps thinking about the matter. She says that she can’t say the truth and can’t hide the reality.

Later, Tejo goes down in her house and reads a beautiful note by Fateh. He wrote,” the gate will take her in a new world of life, is she ready for this”.  Tejo smiles and goes inside a room. Fateh plans a beautiful night for Tejo. Fateh gives her hand for a dance. They change their dresses and dance on a song. The Episode Ends.


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