Today’s episode starts with Raji and Jasmin. Jasmin is regretting that I never cared about Fateh’s feelings for me. Everyone explained me that how much Fateh loves me but I rejected his love. I know he is trying to move on in his life and I am also trying to do so. You are facing issues because of me and living with a person who doesn’t love you. Tejo says that Fateh and I are best friends as we share our happiness and sorrow together. Fateh calls Tejo and says that I am not able to find my best friend. Teko smiles and asks him why you called me?. He says that I couldn’t find my headphones. She says that you are lying as they are right in front of you. Fateh got shocked and asks her how do you know. She says that so know why you are doing this.

Udaariyaan Today's Episode, 12th July 2021

Did you eat something? He says that I am not feeling like eating anything, if you want me to eat then come home and give me food. You don’t care about my feelings if I am happy or sad or I had food or not. Tejo says that don’t play with me I know you very well. Fateh says enjoy with your family I won’t disturb you. Tejo asks Jasmin why Gippy didn’t call you. Jasmin says that I told him that I am with Tejo so don’t disturb us.

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Tejo says that Gippy is a sensible, handsome and good person. Jasmin says but he is not Fateh, this is what I feel. No one can be like Fateh, and you know better. Tejo says that this is the new beginning of your life. You have to move on from your past. Our lives are not perfect but we can make efforts to make them better. No one loves me I have a

family who loves me and having a friend like Fateh. You should be positive in your life and thing will be better soon. Fateh calls Tejo and asks are you hungry. Tejo says a bit. Fateh says that I am making noodles and I am missing you. Tejo says it’s just a metter of one night and I am coming tomorrow.

Jasmin cries and calls Sweety. She says that Fateh is calling Tejo again and again to make me jealous. Satti and Bebe talks about Jamin and Tejo. Bebe says everything is fine, Tejo and Fateh will be together forever. Satti says that I think there is something wrong which we doesn’t know about. Fateh calls Tejo and says that I couldn’t eat noodles alone so I am outside your house to eat with you.

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Please open the door. Jasmin got awake and sees that Tejo goes outside the house to meet Fateh. Tejo takes Fateh with him and says that we need to eat it before anyone wakes up. He sees Jasmin and says Chameli. They go and sit far away. Tejo easts noodles and says it’s yummy. Fateh eats noodles and says the taste is really bad,.how.coukd you find them yummy. She says that.yoi made this with all your heart.

Jasmin sees this and got jealous. She recalls the moments she spent with Fateh. Tejo and Fateh sees the moon and Fateh says that I missed you. Tejo says I missed you too. He says that I will not go home and will sleep here. She asks him to go. Tejo smiles and lies to sleep. Jasmin tries to play with Fateh. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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