The next episode of Udaariyaan begins with Khusbir and Tejo who is trying to make him understand. She sees Jasmine with Fateh while talking with him. She tells him that she has broken from inside and it is requested to forgive her. Jasmine says please Fateh, keep in mind that someone can take advantage of their life. Fateh remembers when Tejo meets Angad out of the police station. Tejo talks to Khushbir that one of them will win but she feels happiness and pain at the same time. Fateh says what is she doing with Papa Ji. They have seen her real face and ask her to leave.


Tejo goes from there and Fateh feels upset after Khushbir scolds her for behaving with Tejo. Later, Jasmine gives her something and Tejo ignores her. Tejo goes to find her purse but she lost it. Angad suggests her that they can see in the CCTV footage and when she sees the video, Tejo finds Jasmine going inside her tent and sees Fateh also there. Tejo gets hurts once again and Angad says that she is assuming wrong and it must have happened that Jasmine thought he was Amrik.

Udaariyaan 12th April 2022 Written Update

Tejo feels upset and goes out of the CCTV room. Angad tries to make her understand by showing Fateh and Amrik as they both wore the same clothes today and looked similar. Angad says that she mistook and has to think about this before assuming anything. Later, Fateh gets angry on himself after thinking that he should not have talked to her like this. On the other side, Tejo continuously thinks about Fateh and his misunderstandings.

Fateh talks to himself and says that he can’t sleep without her while Tejo is upset by thinking about Fateh. Tejo says that all these misunderstandings will create problems and she will have to ask him what is happening between Jasmine and Fateh? Fateh sends her a message to meet him and Tejo also thinks that she also wants to meet him. She leaves the house and suddenly, Angad sees and follows her. Fateh and Tejo meet at Tejo’s favorite place. She says that she is still angry and Fateh asks sorry to her. Tejo gets agrees for marriage and he says that she is his life plan. Suddenly, Fateh thinks that he is dreaming.

Tejo comes there and Fateh asks her to sit. Tejo directly asks what is happening between Jasmine and him as they were in the tent and also in the Haripur. Fateh says that he called her just apology and they both come into a heated argument. The Episode Ends.


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