The watchers of Udaariyaan are too excited to watch the next episode of the show and tonight’s episode begins with Mahi who is waiting for Sahej in the romantic place and someone comes from behind and closes her eyes with a red cloth. He tries to create intimacy with her and someone records the video of her. Suddenly, Mahi gets angry and she kicks the person back and run from there. Mahi shouts at her and says where is he? come in front of her. Another side, Jasmine talks on calls and thinks that when Fateh and Tejo’s problem will finish.

Udaariyaan 11th May 2022 Full Written Update

She receives a call from Sweety and asks her not to share with anyone that she is in London. They talk to each other and her friend says that Fateh and Jasmine can come together once again. Another side, Angad says that nothing wrong will happen with her until he is with him. Suddenly, Tejo reads a message on Angad’s mobile that reads,” Kya Mar Diya Tumne Tejo Ko”. Tejo says that she has to go back to home and is scared of him. She says that she has to go to the house and Angad thinks that she has gone suddenly and there is something wrong.

Tejo goes from there and Angad follows her. Another side Fateh asks Bojo to talk to the investigation officer and he talks to Fateh. He tells the officer that Angad Mann was totally involved in Tejo’s accident. Later, Angad catches Tejo in the middle of the road and she is scared. He says that she can’t go anywhere because she can fall down because of her BP Low. He asks her to have some salty and sweet. Angad asks her to stay and says that if she will go so, he will follow her.

Angad buys something for Tejo and she thinks that he mixed something in the food. On another side, Fateh says that Tejo is living around the fear and he is scaring for her. If anything wrong will happen with her so, he can’t live alive. He will take his own life.  Angad asks her to have this as it is yummy and Tejo takes a roll from him and is scared that if she will eat this so, she can die as well. The Episode Ends.


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