Udaariyaan, the latest episode of the serial begins with Tejo and Angad who is following Dara. Fateh reminds the words of Angad. He also thinks about Tejp and Satti comes there. She asks him that is Jasmine fine? He says that he just came and he doesn’t know about this, he asks her to stay here and he is coming back. He thinks that where did Tejo and Angad go. Tejo says that he can’t doubt that they are following him as he tried to hurt Jasmine. On the other side, Jasmine recalls Dara and think that he can tell them.


She gets disturbed and Satti calls Nurse. Tejo says that she wants to catch him and want to know that who is he and what does he want. They are stuck in traffic. She says that she goes outside and takes him here. Her phone falls in the car and she runs towards Dara. Fateh calls her. Dara runs away and Fateh says why was she not answering him. Tejo sits in the car and Angad says that it was risky. He will take a shortcut to catch him.

Jasmine asks where is Tejo and Satti asks her not to worry, she will be back soon. Tejo asks Angad that is he sure about this route. Angad replies Yes, as this is a shortcut. Another side, Jasmine calls Tejo as she wants to meet her. Doctor checks Jasmine’s health and Fateh is looking at her. Angad and Tejo see Dara and tell that this is the same where she and Fateh came. She says that they will talk to him but Angad stops her. He will know it.

The doctor says that she is recovering well and they will discharge her tomorrow so that she can go home. Jasmine thinks that Jasmine will not come to the house. She asks Satti to call Tejo. Fateh thinks that where did they go and another side, Tejo and Angad knocks the door of the house. Suddenly, Dara pushes the door and leaves the place but Tejo comes to help. Dara catch at knifepoint. Angad asks him to leave her but she says that who are they and why were they following him? Tejo says that she is a sister of Jasmine and they saw him talking with her. She just wants to know why is he talking to her and what does he know.

Jasmine asks about Tejo and Fateh says that he saw Tejo going with Angad. Jasmine thanks God as she didn’t meet Dara. Tejo tells him that she is recovering from the accident so, why is she creating trouble for her. Tejo and Fateh fight Dra. They tie up Dara. Tejo asks him that why do he want to harm her. He says that she is a problem herself and he just want his money. The Episode Ends.


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