Let’s talk about one of the most talkative shows in the television industry. Yes, we are talking about Udaariyaan because it is regularly entertaining a ton of viewers by enhancing the show with stunning and interesting episodes. The latest episode of the show actually increased the excitement and suspense level among viewers. All the fans who regularly watch the show are waiting to watch the upcoming one as well. The makers of the show also excited to see the response after hitting the forthcoming episode on television screens because the number of viewers who waiting for it is extremely high.

Udaariyaan Today's Episode 11th June 2021

If we talk about today’s episode then it starts with Jasmin crying for Tejo because she is missing from the house. Bebe comes and consoles her but Jasmin confesses all the mistakes she made for Tejo. After hearing all the words of Jasmin, Bebe says that you need to apologize to God and pray for Tejo. On the other hand, Tejo serving people at the Gurudwara. Finally, Khushbeer reaches to Gurudwara to pray to God for Tejo but he hears the ladies talking about Tejo that a girl continuously working in Gurudwara since the morning. The ladies also asked Tejo to go home.

When Khushbeer sees Tejo then he completely shocked and goes to hold her, he washes her hands and says that we all are worried about her. Apart from this, he also says that did anything go wrong with you, if yes, then you need to informed the family. But, Tejo replies that “Sorry, I came here and didn’t know when Gurudwara got closed, I didn’t want to trouble anyone”. After hearing this, he asks her to come home and he further says that everyone shall wait for the storm to end. He also warns her to don’t go much away from the home and don’t think you are alone.

Later, Fateh enters her room and hugs her after seeing Tejo. He further says Tejo that she went from the house without telling anyone that where she is going. Everyone is afraid for her and all the family members getting bad thoughts. The story of the show becomes more interesting day by day and millions of people regularly watching it. If you actually want to watch the ensuing episode of the most reputed television show then Udaariyaan airing on Colors TV at 7 PM. We are here available to provide you complete written update related to the subsequent episodes of the show.


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