Talking about the upcoming episode of everyone’s favorite daily soup then Udaariyaan is all set to amuse everyone. The show is actually very brilliant and entertaining to all the people. The previous story of the show already amused all the fans who continuously watching the show.

Udaariyaan 11th December 2021

If you want to watch the upcoming episode then you have to stay on Colors TV to watch upcoming turns and twists in the show. Along with it, the makers always bring some amazing moments to make the entire episode very interesting for the viewers. Many people are waiting to watch what will happen next in tonight’s episode.

The upcoming episode of the show begins with some major turns and twists that entertain everyone a lot. Angad persuades Tejo to return home with him for Riya’s sake. Tejo is happy to meet Riya. Angad and Tejo fall into a sweet moment when they get down to kiss Riya, and the little girl moves on, getting them closer.

Tejo lands in an embarrassing moment, while Angad starts to realize his emotions for Tejo. Angad tells Tejo that he has to go to Gurdaspur for an important meeting. Tejo says she will also come with Angad.

After that Angad says that they will get the tank filled at the petrol bunk on the road. He drives to the petrol pump where Fateh has working as a worker. Angad and Tejo come near to see Fateh working at the petrol bunk. Fateh did not know that anyone would track him so soon.

Jasmin is looking for Fateh and Tejo to take her revenge. What will fate bring for Fateh and Tejo? Does Fateh merit to get Tejo back after his long repentance? Now, it will be also exciting to watch if Tejo and Angad’s cute relationship turns into a real one.

The upcoming episode of the show already engages many people to watch it because of its ongoing brilliant story. If Angad sees Fateh in tonight’s episode then it will be interesting to see how he reacts. Also, it will be interesting to watch if he told Tejo about Fateh or not.

The upcoming episode of the daily soup will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM. Countless viewers eagerly waiting to watch it because everyone wants to see how the makers meet up Tejo to Fateh again. So, don’t forget to watch Udaariyaan tonight’s episode as it will totally stun everyone a lot.


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