Welcome back, we are here providing the best-written update of the most prominent daily soup, Udaariyaan. Now, the upcoming episode of the mind-blowing show will be also going to give a boost the TRP rate of the show. Already the craze among the audience to watch the highly anticipated story of the show is very high.

Udaariyaan, Today's Episode 11th August 2021

The forthcoming episode of the show begins with Tejo thinking of Simran. She shall think that how Fateh will think after knowing all these. But, she further thinks that she can’t hide such a big thing from him. On the other hand, Fateh thinking about Jasmin’s words.

Not only this, but he also thinks to tells the complete truth to Tejo. In the next scene, Jasmin says she doesn’t know Fateh spoke to Tejo till now or not. After that, Fateh and Tejo say they both have to say something. Suddenly, he hits the table and it falls. Tejo and Fateh both bend to pick but suddenly Tejo smells a lady’s perfume from Fateh.

She asks him did he used a lady’s perfume but she doesn’t have any such perfume. After hearing this, Fateh says yes it is a lady’s perfume, he further says that he has an affair with someone and he is not loyal to Tejo.

After hearing all this from Fateh, Tejo gets shocked and says no she didn’t mean to say that. Suddenly, Fateh gets a call and when he picks the call he is stunned to know that Coach sir had an accident. Then, Fateh leaves from there to go to Coach sir but Tejo cries.

In the next scene, Jasmin thinking why shall she call Fateh but she overhears Dilraj talking to Satti about Tejo. At night Tejo waits for Fateh but she also crying. After Fateh comes to the room, he sees Tejo crying, Fateh also cries.

Suddenly, he gets Jasmin’s call and he leaves from there. He didn’t answer the call then Jasmin calls Tejo. She didn’t answer the call. Later, Jasmin thinks that maybe Fateh tells everything to Tejo. Now, the further story of the episode will be going to give a boost to the TRP level of the show.

As everyone knows that Udaariyaan already containing the top position on the TRP chart and always holds such a huge fan following all around the country. The ensuing episode of the show will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM. So, don’t forget to watch the highly anticipated episode of the show.


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