We are back with the latest written update of Udaariyaan in which Jasmine has gone from the house with a driver. While Tejo and Angad also go from their house to find out about Jasmine. She calls Sweety and tries to ask about Jasmine. She tells her that maybe, she went behind Amrik as she said that she want to talk to Amrik. Tejo calls Amrik but he doesn’t pick up. Satti tells Roopi about Tejo and Jasmine and he gets angry by saying where did they go? Keep reading to know the written update here.

Udaariyaan 11th April 2022 Full Written Update

Later, some boys try to tease Jasmine and try to humiliate her. Jasmine runs on the road and Tejo picks up the call of the Cab Driver owner of Jasmine which was booked by Jasmine. Tejo and Angad go to find out about her and later, Tejo asks everyone about Jasmine by showing her picture. But, they don’t get any clue. Suddenly, Tejo sees Fateh who is taking Jasmine out of the hall. Tejo gets upset and thinks something wrong with them. Jasmine says thanks to Fateh ever whatever did with him. Fateh says that enmity and humanity are two different things.

Fateh is about to leave and she stops him by holding his hand. Fateh asks him to leave him alone. Angad tells her that it doesn’t look like its appears. Suddenly, Jasmine sees Tejo and stops her. Tejo asks what is happening here? They both are together. Jasmine asks not to think wrong about them and tells everything to her that Fateh helped her in the night and saved her from those people. Then, he took her to the hospital.

He takes permission to use her phone but the doctor says that due to the weather problem, the phones are not working. Jasmine tells Tejo that he was with her whole night and now, he has gone from here. Jasmine asks her to believe on her. She asks her to sit in the car. Angad tells Tejo that believes in her heart and doesn’t need to listen to her mind. Mann says that she went to check her lie.

Angad says that she planned everything. Jasmine says that he is just wasting his time and can’t create a misunderstanding between them. Tejo comes back and says that Roopi is calling them as they are going to begin his rally and they must attend. Later, Jasmine says that she also wants to involve in the rally. Jasmine says that she can forgive her but he is not apologizing to her. The Episode Ends.


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