Here, we are providing all the information on the most prominent daily soup named Udaariyaan. Now, the interest among the audience to watch the highly anticipated story of the show.  The madness among the viewers to watch the complete episode is very high and everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the full episode.

Udaariyaan 10th September 2021

Everyone knows that the show already takes a very huge turn in which they show that Tejo got to know the truth of Fateh and Jasmin. Now, she is very upset after knowing this saddened truth and she is ready to take revenge on both.

The latest episode shows that Tejo calls Jasmin and asks her to sit in the car. When she sits, she takes her to Fateh’s house where the entire family preparing for the Ganesh Chaturthi. When they see Jasmin with Tejo, then they ask her why she takes her here as all the relationships with this house were already broken.

After that Tejo announces the truth to the entire family in which she clearly says that Fateh and Jasmin are still in a hidden relationship with each other and they both meet each other secretly. The show actually take a very huge turn in which every fan did not want to leave any episode of the show.

On the other hand, Fateh also says the complete truth to Rupi and Satti. When they both know a complete truth, they both also broke totally. After that Rupi slaps Fateh as they both did not expect this from Fateh.

Now, the upcoming episode will also show something exceptional that brings the heat all over the environment. The upcoming episode begins with Buzo saying shut up to Fateh. He further says that how can he think about Tejo and him as he feels so bad after hearing this from Fateh.

Not only this, but Fateh further says that they both should be ashamed as their mistakes caught by everyone and this is the reason Buzo is telling anything to hide the truth. Khushbeer slaps him and says that he didn’t expect that he falls so down. Fateh says that he sees both of them together but Khushbeer says shut up to him and says that he knew very well who is right or wrong.

Now, what will happen next will be highly thrilling to watch as everyone knows the truth of Fateh and Jasmin. Udaariyaan of 10th September 2021 will surely be hit everyone’s heart and no one can keep their eyes away for a second while watching this.


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