All the episodes of Udaariyaan always entertain everyone a lot. Yes, the upcoming episode in which some brilliant turns and twists appear to amuse everyone a lot. If you already watched the previous episode of the show, you might be eager to watch the upcoming one as well.

udaariyaan 10th november 2021

The story is very well written by the writers that engage millions of viewers to watch the show. You just need to wait for a while to watch the full episode of the show. The upcoming episode of the show will be airing on Colors TV in which makers pull all the curtains from the secrets and twists.

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The upcoming episode begins with Fateh training a student and thinks of Tejo and Angad. Suddenly, he sees her coming and gets a punch, and then he goes to her and asks why did she come. Then, he says she should take a rest as he gets to know that she is unwell and asks her if she is fine.

After that, Fateh also asks her if she wants then she can go home and rest as he will handle here. She says she is fine and can be engaged in work here.

Suddenly, Jasmin comes there and sees her, and then she says she had to show something in private. After that, Tejo goes from there and then Jasmin asks which Sherwani will look good. Then, He says her choice is ultimate and asks her to choose finally. After hearing this, Jasmin says he is right as she chooses Fateh and then asks him to get free and come soon.

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She says they have to go on shopping and then he says he remembers. Then, she leaves from there. After that, he asks is Angad coming today and then Tejo says doesn’t know and asks him to go home as Jasmin and his marriage are happening.

After that, Tejo asks Fateh to focus on its preparations. She further says Angad will see the work here and then he says yes of course. It will be actually very interesting to watch what will happen next in the story.

Many people all around the country are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode of the show. The upcoming story of the show is actually very brilliant in which all the people appear in some very important roles. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 Pm every day and you can watch all the episodes without any hesitation.


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