The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Amrik who tells everything to his mother about Tejo and says that they will come back to India soon with Tejo. Amrik says that he is missing everyone. He says that everything will be fine soon and they will come back after this. Later, Angad meets Tejo and walks on the road. He says that he is very happy to see her and thinks that this is the right place and time to show that this is an accident. Angad says that he always wants to see her happy.


Another side, Fateh sees them and thinks that he will not let him do anything wrong to her. Angad and Tejo dance on the road and Fateh see them. Fateh keeps his eye on them so, Angad couldn’t take any chance to kill her again. Angad shows her a way to go and Fateh follows her. Another side, Jasmine, and Amrik talks to each other and Amrik tells her that she was talking with mom. Amrik tells her that he has told everything to his mother about Tejo, Fateh, and Jasmine. Keep reading to know more about the upcoming episode.

Fateh says that she is in danger and Angad tries to find her. He asks her to see in his eyes and he always loves her. Another side, Amrik, and Jasmine talk to each other. She tells him that she is not going back to India and they will always stay with each other. Tejo says that he always wanted to kill her and Fateh tells that Angad was the only one who caught fire. Tejo doesn’t want to believe but Fateh says that he loves her a lot and always showed her that he is a good friend. He always wanted her and when he realized that she is not going to be him, he planned to kill her.

Fateh asks her that did she tell him about her pregnancy. She says Yes. He tells her that he was the only reason. He tells her that he just want to kill her and therefore, he took her here. So, what are you expecting? Will Tejo believe on Fateh? Will Angad take his evil action once again? Lots of things are yet to reveal and Fateh will have to save Tejo from him. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan tonight.


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