Udaariyaan, the serial is back with another episode of the day and the upcoming episode begins with Tejo who is searching for Tara. Fateh asks her that to whom she is searching for. Tejo tells him that someone is keeping his eyes on them and even, he was standing outside the ICU. She heard someone is asking about Jasmine. Fateh says that they are currently thinking about Jasmine and therefore, they are imagining this. Later, Dilraj says that she should celebrate Tejo’s birthday. Roopi says that she has a doubt that she will come because she is going to leave Jasmine alone.

Udaariyaan, Today's Episode 10th March 2022 Written Update

Dilraj says that she promised and will never break her promises. Roopi gets agrees and he calls Tejo and asks about the condition of Jasmine. Tejo pick up the call and says that Jasmine is fine and also tells that she remembers her promise. Tejo says that maybe, Jasmine’s heart will change as she will notice his care for her. Tejo says when she will get well, they will talk to her about this. Fateh says that they will have to find to whom Jasmine gave money. Tara hears them conversation and decides to be careful from Fateh.

At night, Fateh comes into the room of Tejo and dressing of her injuries. She feels nervous and hugs him. Suddenly, Tejo receives a call from Angad and he is also trying to make her smile. Tejo smiles on his jokes and Fateh feels jealous. Tejo thanks Fateh for taking of her. He goes from there. Biji comes to Tejo and says that she is regretting that she cursed Jasmine. Biji asks Mahi to learn from Tejo how to love everyone. Tejo and Fateh hear Biji and get to know that the MLA seat has been given to someone else.

Tejo says to Fateh that they need to do something about this matter. Another side, Tejo takes care of Jasmine and the nurse ask her to go outside the room. Tejo goes to Amrik and asks him to take some rest. Tejo receives a call from Buzzo who tells her about the person to whom Jasmine gave money. Tejo finds that Jasmine will reveal the truth if she will get well.

Tara meets to Jasmine and demands for the money. He says that he just wants to take his money otherwise he will tell the reality in front of everyone. Jasmine’s condition gets worse and he leaves the place. Tejo sees him and follows him. Angad comes there and Tejo asks him to see that guy. Fateh sees and goes to Jasmine. The Episode Ends.


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