Get ready to watch the full episode in which all the stars are giving their best to entertain every fan. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan brings the heat all over the internet to increase the enthusiasm among every single fan. Now, the reactions of the internet to know more about the upcoming episode are clearly show that everyone eagerly waiting to watch the upcoming episodes.

Udaariyaan, 10th December 2021

Many people eagerly waiting to watch the full episode in which some brilliant turns and twists are waiting to be turned and amusing every fan who regularly watches the show on a daily basis.

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The upcoming episode of the show begins with Fateh going and giving the bag to them. If he doesn’t reach the car, he won’t get any money. Fateh ran after the car. But, he falls down. Then, he sees Tejo. She says get up Tejo, you can’t lose like this, get up and you know how to win.

He misses the match. She says come on, She is with him. He runs after the car. He stopped the car and handed over the bag. He comes back to Tejo. She says she knows he is punishing himself, don’t worry, God is with him.

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After that, he says his God is upset with him but Tejo says a mother and God can never be upset with their children. Suddenly, Tejo disappears. He calls her out and gets sad. He says it is good that Tejo is not around him, her memories are enough for him, be happy in life.

The lodge man asks what is the salary, there is no customer here. Fateh comes and asks for money. The man asks what money. After that, Fateh says that he has worked here but the man throws a note of Rs. 50 and asks him to get out of here.

Then, Fateh leaves from there. Now, the story of the show is looking interesting to watch. The makers bring some unexpected turns and twists that increase the madness among the audience to watch the full episodes of the show that will be going to air in the upcoming days.

The previous story of the show is already very exciting in which lots of ups and downs take place that entertains almost every fan who loves to watch the performance of the stars. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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