The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will start when Satti asks Jasmine to have some breakfast before leaving but Satti says that she is getting late for the breakfast and don’t have the mood to eat. Sukhmini asks Siti to let her go as she faced lots of things because of Gippi. While Satti says that she will try to talk with Tejo about Jasmine’s pain.

Udaariyaan 10th August 2021 Episode

Jasmine hears everything and thinks that Tejo is behind all of her pain and what will she do next. Later, Tejo sees that a kid is arguing with a milkman and later, he realizes that he is a kid of Tejo. Tejo comes and apologizes on behalf of him and asks him about his home and name. The kid replies that he doesn’t know anything or forgot.

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A little girls come to them and say that his name is candy and he is currently living nearby, she goes with him to meet Candy’s mother. On the other side, Fateh sees the miss calls from Jasmine and thinks that she will fight with him on unnecessary things and he tells her that he is happy with her and moved on in his life.

While, Fateh thinks that how can he tell him and what is he doing here? Tejo goes to the house of a little boy and gets surprised after viewing Fateh’s pictures in a frame. Then she turns back and looks at Simran. Suddenly, Simran is also gets shocked after seeing Tejo in the house.

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On the other hand, Fateh asks about Buzo marriage and Buzo gets nervous and says that he is in hurry. Fateh gets shocked after reading the messages of Jasmine that she is coming to meet him in academy. Tejo asks her that when did she come back to India and she did not even tell anyone that she is a mother of candy. Simran asks her son to go back outside and play. Before Fateh makes excuse to leave the office, Jasmine comes there and asks him that why is he behaving like this. Buzo gets shocked after seeing Jasmine there. Fateh says her that she came here to to meet Tejo but she is not currently available here.

Later, it will be seen in the episode that Fateh will make understand to Jasmine about Teji that she was just helping him. Jasmine asks him to prove his love for her. Later, they go to the Fateh’s uncle who thinks that Jasmine is a wife of Fateh and came in the house as his wife.

After this, Fateh gets angry and scolds her by saying that he was about to tell everything slowly but Jasmine can’t hold secrets in her life. Fateh asks her what nonsense she is talking about.

Jasmine asks him to tell everyone the real truth. Fateh says yes he will tell and especially tell Tejo first. Jasmine gets nervous and says that he can’t do it. Now, the upcoming episode will show that Fateh will tell truth to Tejo and he loves Jasmine and wants to live his life with her. They look at each other. Now, it will be interesting to watch that will Fateh reveal everything in front of Tejo. Tell us in the comment section.


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