The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will begin with Jasmin saying to herself, she knows Tejo can’t do anything, and it’s better if Fateh and Tejo get themselves away. Suddenly, Bebe comes and asks her if she patches up with Sweety. After hearing this, Jasmin says yes but Bebe asks how much she lies.

Udaariyaan 30th August 2021 Today Episode

Bebe further says that with whom did she fight, whom did she says sorry and asks is there any guy? Jasmin replies that yes but she did not want to tell anything to anyone. Bebe asks her why then she replies that if she tells everything then two marriages will break and it’s not a small thing.

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Not only this, but Jasmin says she wants to be sure herself, and then she will tell everything about him. After hearing this, Bebe says she understands and says she is happy to see that she is trying to move on. Then, Jasmin hugs her. Fateh is at his academy and he thinks of Tejo and Buzo.

He is looking very upset and thinking if Tejo really has something with Buzo. He puts his hands on the head and then Tejo comes there and asks him what happened. He replies that he is fine and then Tejo says she is scared and asks him for the lunch.

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But, Fateh says he has some work and he has to go. Tejo says but it’s their lunch time and says he should have told her, she doesn’t come. Fateh says it an important work and she can go home if she wants.

After saying this to Tejo, Fateh leaves from there. In the next scene, viewers can see that Fateh and Jasmin are on the way. Jasmin says him that she is shocked to know about Buzo and Tejo. She asks him why did he stop the car here as they are both still in the village.

After that, Fateh says they both care for everyone a lot and if Tejo can lie then why shall he care. He says let everyone see them and when Tejo sees them together she feels bad if she is lying to him. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be actually worth watching.

Everyone who continuously watching the show is eagerly waiting to watch the forthcoming episode. The episode will be going to air tonight, 30th August 2021 and everyone is keenly waiting to watch the highly anticipated episode of the show.


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