The episode starts with Jasmin baking cake for Gippy and thinks that Fateh will be jealous when he will see that. Jasmin asks Mami to make a video so she can forward it to Fateh. Fateh drops Tejo at the college and some girls click their pictures. They send those pictures to Jasmin which made her jealous and she ruins the cake. She calls her friends and asks if Tejo was sitting on Fateh’s bike. They advise Jasmine to move on as Fateh has already moved on with Tejo. Jasmin says that Fateh can make Tejo sit on his bike but she will always be in his heart and no one can replace her.

Udaariyaan 26th June 2021

Amrik argues with Fateh and says that he insulted his mom when he chose Tejo over his mom. Fateh said that he will always be with the right one, and Tejo is right in the case. Mahi supports Fateh and says that if Tejo wants to work and has allowed her to work, no one can stop her. At night Fateh feels sleepless and goes to the kitchen to eat ice cream. Tejo comes to the kitchen and got scared. She says that you have already had enough ice cream. He says that I am upset and cannot sleep. Ice cream always cheers me up. He says that he tried to get over Jasmin but he couldn’t help.

Jasmin has moved on with Gippy and he is still there. Fateh holds her hand and asks her if she can help him get over Jasmin. She says that we both will help each other moving together in our lives. The next morning Fateh asks Tejo to drop her at the college. she says that Gurpreet is not well so she has canceled her classes. Fateh says that Gurpreet has made this plan to stop you from going to college. She laughs and asks him not to watch daily soaps.

Mahi and Fateh tease her and asks her to go to college. Jasmin had a dream where she sees that Fateh and Tejo are getting romantic. She thinks if that would be real, she will be destroyed. Tejo calls the college principal and apologizes to her for the urgent leave. The principal says that you took the responsibility of college play so you have to be in the college for the preparations. She says this to Fateh and gets worried. To know more about this article stay connected to us.



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