Again, one of the most anticipated and brilliant television show is on the way to entertain the audience by adding one more episode to the list. Yes, we are talking about Udaariyaan as the show is actually heating up the entire environment by showing some exceptional episodes with lots of fun and dramatic moments. The upcoming episode begins with Jasmine who is appearing in anger because her aunt tells her to call Gippi and reveal the truth in front of him. After hearing this, Jasmine says that if they want to feel her insult by revealing everything to Gippi then she will do it. While Jasmine is just about to make a call to Gippi, Sukhmini stops her and says that Jasmin is right and saying the truth.

Udaariyaan Latest 8th July 2021

Later, Jasmine leaves and tells Jasmine’s aunt Satti to be careful about Jasmine as she thinks Jasmine is planning something. On the other hand, Tejo comes to her room and sees Fateh. Fateh asks her if her friend is all right, Tejo nods yes and goes from there to the washroom.

After seeing this, Fateh feels something wrong with Tejo as she always talking to him but this time, she appearing different. Fateh again asks her if she is fine or not, Tejo says yes, and then Fateh leaves the room.

After Fateh leaves the room, Tejo thinking that for the first time, she is telling truth to Fateh just because of Jasmine. She remembers Jasmine’s situation while changing the pillow cover and wonders if she is telling the truth or just pretending to be guilty. Later, Fateh comes to the room with food for Tejo.

He tells her to eat fast and join the family before the match begins. He further says that it is a tradition of the family to watch the match together and she also needs to join the family. But, Tejo says that she wants some rest and Fateh asks if she is Okay then she joins.

Suddenly, Tejo asks Fateh to forgive Jasmine and after hearing this, Fateh gets stunned and asks her why she is thinking about Jasmine. Later, Tejo further asks for her answer. Later, they both had a very serious conversation over Jasmine but Fateh leaves the place and tells her not to think too much about Jasmine.

On the other hand, Jasmine is waiting for Fateh and also praying for Tejo that she will trust her. Udaariyaan is airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and millions of people are eager to watch the television show. Otherwise, if you want to know a written update of the television show then you need to stay connected with us.


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