The upcoming episode of the most prominent and interesting daily soup, Udaariyaan will be going to heat up the entire environment. The madness among the audience to watch the full episode is actually very high and we are here to provide the perfect written update of the 7th September 2021 episode.

udaariyaan 7th september 2021

The episode begins with Tejo going to get the gun from the cupboard. She gets it and shuts the cupboard and then she recalls Fateh and Jasmin. She leaves from there with the gun and drives off. Before getting the gun, Tejo calls Jasmins and Fateh at a place at the same time.

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On the other hand, Jasmin thinking why Tejo calls her here and she sees Tejo is coming into her car. After that, Tejo asks Jasmin to sit in the car. When Jasmin sits in the car, Tejo drives and Jasmin asks where they will be going.

Tejo says she will know everything and then Jasmin again asks why is she creating suspense. After that Tejo says it is a surprise and Jasmin again asks what surprise but she did not tell anything else with her. Then, she calls Fateh and says come out, please. Jasmin still thinking that where Tejo is taking her. Fateh waits for Tejo and Tejo comes to pick him.

After Tejo comes to him, he asks why did she call me outside and he sees Jasmin in the car. Tejo says him to sit inside and Fateh asks what is Jasmin doing here. In reply to him, Tejo says she is her sister and she can be with her at any time.

After that, Jasmin says Fateh to come inside and sit as Tejo wants to give a surprise. Fateh sits and they all leave from there. Fateh asks Tejo that where they all are going, Tejo says long drive. Tejo further says that she wants to give a surprise to both of them.

Tejo stops the car and asks them to get down. Fateh and Jasmin both ask here and then she says yes. When they get down the car, Tejo plays the audio recording and they both hear their love confession. On the other hand, Tejo comes holding her phone and gun in her hands. Fateh and Jasmin are shocked after seeing this and Tejo asks how much did they like her surprise.

What will happen next is highly anticipated and every fan is eagerly waiting to watch the complete episode of Udaariyaan only on Colors TV at 7 PM. So, stay connected with us to know spoilers and written updates of the upcoming episodes.


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