The episode starts with Tejo and Jasmin talking about Gippy. Jasmin says I am sorry Tejo, trust me I want to move on with Gippy. He like me and he is planning to move Canada with me. Tejo says that I don’t trust you, you can do whatever you feel like doing, but I can never forgive you for the pain you given to Fateh. Jasmin calls Gippy and says that I am impressed with your attitude and still wants to marry you. I am missing you and want you at my home. Mami asks Jasmin to stay away from Gippy. She says that Gippy likes me and he is coming to meet me. Satti says let her meet Gippy, but call him to come home. Tejo is busy with her work and Fateh is having his food. He offers her ice cream which made Tejo happy.

udaariyaan 5th july 2021

Udaariyaan Latest Episode 5th July 2021

Dada Ji and Mahi were watching them and says that they are habitual to each other now. Their friendship is getting stronger day by day. Gurpreet agrees with Dada Ji and says that Fateh is happy after a long time. Nimmo says that Tejo doesn’t want to do house chores that’s why she is helping Fateh in his business. Jasmin is facing with her tears and says that Gippy wants to talk to Fateh and Tejo as he doesn’t want any complications after the marriage. I tried explaining to him that Fateh is my past and we have moved on in our

lives. Jasmin says that I apologize to Tejo but she refused to talk to Gippy. I don’t think that Gippy will marry me after he learnt about Fateh. Satti calls Tejo and says that I want to talk about Jasmin. Tejo says that Jasmin is still lying, don’t trust her. Satti says that I know you are upset with Jasmin but you have to clear everything to Gippy. Jasmin is your sister and you can save her marriage to get ruined. Tejo agrees to meet Gippy. Tejo says that I can’t force Fateh to meet Gippy. I am doing this for my family not for Jasmin.

Fateh asks Tejo why do you want to meet Gippy when you know Jasmin very well. She says that I am doing this for my family and to make Jasmin’s life better. Tejo comes to meet Jasmin and asks her to call Fateh. Tejo says that Fateh is busy with his work, he will not come. Tejo says that Fateh is planning to start his own academy where he will be the coach. Jasmin says to Tejo that I am happy that you came for me but Fateh is never going to forgive me.  To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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