One of the most prominent and anticipated television daily soup is on the way with another episode. Yes, the name of the most lovable daily soup is Udaariyaan. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting to watch the upcoming episode of the show that heating up the entire environment and bringing madness among the audience.

Udaariyaan 3rd August 2021

If we talk about the upcoming episode then it will begin with Fateh tells Jasmin whatever she did with Gippy is very wrong. After hearing this, Jasmin gets angry and asks Fateh that whatever he is doing with Tejo is right? She added the lies he told to Tejo to meet Jasmin is right?

When Fateh thinks about his lies, he gets upset. On the other hand, Tejo trying to hear the conversation between Gippy and Saurabh. Gippy asking Saurabh about the plan to which he says him to get inside the car as she will tell him.

Then, they both leaves from there, and Tejo is surprised and thinking why Saurabh talking to Gippy. In the next scene, viewers will see that Jasmin talking to Fateh and saying that neither she is wrong nor him, as the situation is going on that, makes them wrong or different from others.

She tells that she is ready to do anything to be with him and she did not even care about others. But, he thinks that she is wrong as she needs to tell everyone that he is not Gippy who is wrong as she is wrong and did everything. Fateh gets angry but Jasmin says that he is not loving her back in the way he has to love her. Jasmin decided to leave the academy. When she is about to leave the academy, she thinks that Fateh will stop her but when he went and sit in the auto then she gets that Fateh won’t stop her.

On the other hand, Fateh turns and sees that Jasmin is actually leaving as he runs out of the room and see that Jasmin is in the auto and she is leaving the place. But, Fateh runs behind the auto and stops it, then he takes Jasmin out of the auto and hugs her.

Later, he also apologizes to her for his behavior and also agreed with her words as it is the time that making them wrong in front of everyone. After hearing this, Jasmin also huge her back. Now, the forthcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM. A ton of people are waiting to watch the highly anticipated episode tonight.


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