The episode starts with Mama, Mami, and Jasmin. Jasmin acts like she is worried for Tejo that’s why she wants to go home. Mama consoles her and makes a call to Tejo. He says that last night I had a bad dream so I thought of calling you to know about your well-being. Tejo says that we are fine and happy. Mami says Tejo that I feel better when I hear your voice. Jasmin asks Mama to ask Tejo why Fateh switched off his phone. Gurpreet is talking to Mahi and she says that I tried to stop Khushbeer and I never wanted to insult anyone.

udaariyaan 29th june 2021

Jasmin misbehaves with Mami and she slaps her. She asks Mama to call Rupy and ask her to come to our house. Rupy scolds Jasmin and warns her not to repeat her mistakes. Rupy says Mami to slap Jasmin again if she misbehaves with her. Tejo is worried about Khushbeer and Dada Ji as they faced some loss in their work. Mami asks Jasmin to get ready as they are going to meet Gippy. She asks her to behave in front of Gippy. Jasmin tries to manipulate Gippy and says that today is mother’s birthday and I want you to meet her. She asks him to take her home and her

family will be surprised. Gippy refuses to take her home. Then Mami arrives and Jasmin asks Gippy not to tell anything to her.  Teko takes Fateh home and says that this house has Jasmine’s memories. She says that you go alone, I will join you with Abhiraj. Fateh says that we will enter the house together. I want to take that pain so come with me. Satti feels happy after seeing Tejo and Fateh. She says that this is the biggest birthday gift for

her. Tejo and Fateh take blessings of Dadi which make her happy. Rupy says that I am surprised to see you here as I thought you both will never come to this house. Then the family played many games together. Fateh says to Tejo that I am in this house and still not affected by Chameli. I have moved a step forward. Tejo smiles Dilraaj suggests cake cutting. Fateh says that I will track the delivery boy who is bringing cake. He asks Tejo to go inside and enjoy. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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