Again, we are back with another amazing and brilliant daily soup that heating up the entire environment and making everyone mad to watch it. As everyone knows that the show continuously garnering lots of love and appreciation from the audience.

Udaariyaan 1st September 2021

As we already watched that there has been lots of misunderstanding and trouble going on in which Fateh taking everything in the wrong way and against Tejo. Just after Fateh sees Tejo and Buzo together at the mall, he thinks that Tejo has an external affair with Buzo and this is the reason Tejo saying lie to him.

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Now, the upcoming episode begins with Fateh who making a call to Simran to know the truth behind the relation between Tejo and Buzo. He thinks if Buzo picks the call then it is sure Tejo and Buzo have something. He makes a call on Simran’s phone but Simran is busy with Candy and playing with him. Buzo goes and picks the call and says hello.

When Fateh hears Buzo’s voice, he stuns and his thinking will be going to happen in real. he completely shocked and quite sad after hearing Buzo on the other side. Buzo again says hello but Fateh didn’t reply to him and just hears his voice.

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Not only this, but viewers can see that Nikki inviting Tejo for her brother’s engagement. After hearing this great news, Tejo agrees to go to the party. On the other hand, Fateh is also ready to attend the party as Nikki is his friend’s sister. But, there is no one who knows Fateh and he thinks to attend the party with Jasmin.

He is very upset after knowing the relationship between Buzo and Tejo but Fateh is still unaware of the reality. When he tells Jasmin that they both will be going to attend the engagement ceremony together and can says everyone about their relationship, Jasmin gets very happy.

In the next scene, we can see that Fateh and Jasmin plan their outfits and are ready to go to the party. On the other hand, Tejo also reaches the same party but Fateh is completely unaware of it. Jasmin and Fateh are very happy and freely telling everyone that they both are in a relationship as no one knows them.

Now, what will happen next is still the suspense of the story and everyone have to watch the upcoming episode of the daily soup to know the complete story. Udaariyaan of 1st September 2021 will be going to make the entire environment highly anticipated and giving a very huge dose of entertainment to all the watchers.


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