There are lots of things to appear in the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan that has come with lots of things. Now, the latest episode begins with Amrik who has been pronounced dead by the doctor after being treated. Amrik and Jasmine gets shocked after learning his demise and couldn’t understand what can they do. Fateh couldn’t control on himself and asked Amrik to open his eyes and they have broken. Jasmine asks Amrik to open his eyes and she cried harder. Jasmine continuously asks him to open his eyes but Amrik didn’t respond.

Udaariyaan, 14th May 2022 Written Update

Fateh says that he can’t live without him and they can’t even face their family. Fateh asks about Tejo as she is not here and says how can he go back to his home. Fateh reminds Amrik. Fateh is trying to awake Amrik as he couldn’t live and the hospital staff comes there to take his body. Jasmine couldn’t control herself and they takes him from the operation room. Jasmine broke from inside and Fateh consoles her. Another side, Khusbir rushed to the party office and Roopi says that he is working hard to win this election but suddenly, Khushbir grabs his collar and says that he will have to stay in his limit.

Khushbir makes allegations at him that to win this election, he used his daughter, Mahi. Roopi couldn’t understand this and says that what is he trying to say? Khushbir says that he recorded his daughter’s video and leaked on social media. Khushbir says that he asked his workers to do this and suddenly, Abhiraj says that his daughter always stays busy in the college with boys and now, she has been trapped. Roopi says how can he think this? Roopi says that Mahi is also his daughter and Abhiraj says that everyone knows in the college that she was dating boys.

Bojo asks him to control his tongue. He thinks that to whom Mahi went to meet the boy, maybe, he was involved in this and did this. He thinks that he will have to find out. Khushbir says that if there is anyone in his family who did this, he will never leave him. Bojo and Khushbir go from there and on another side, Fateh and Jasmine come out of the theatre room. Jasmine says that she forced him to come here and Amrik was the only one who understood her. They both cry badly and Jasmine asks about Tejo. Jasmine asks Fateh to go to Tejo and find her. The Episode Ends.


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