The episode starts with Jasmin hugs Tejo for arranging her clothes. She says that why didn’t you teach me this before. Tejo says don’t worry you will learn soon. She says that Gippy asked me to enjoy myself here so please stop working and talk to me. She hugs Tejo and talks to her. Satti offers them panjeri but Tejo says that I need to go home, everyone must be waiting. Jasmin asks Tejo to stay tonight but Satti says that now you have to take care of your in-laws more than your parents and husband. Tejo says that Fateh is like a friend to me and he will understand. He will never refuse.

Udaariyaan 10th July 2021

Jasmin says does she needs to take permission in friendship? Tejo says that I need to inform them so they won’t worry about me. Fateh got an investor’s confirmation for the academy. Everyone is happy and congratulates him but Fateh says that credit goes to Tejo as she really worked hard in the academy.

Gurpreet says that Tejo is at her parent’s home and she didn’t ask me to go there. Fateh says that she didn’t even tell anything to me.  Khushbeer asks Gurpreet to make some sweets as they will open the academy tomorrow.

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Tejo calls Fateh and asks him if she can live with her parents for tonight. Fateh says that I am coming to pick you as we need to meet an investor. We need to discuss our plan and my mind is not working without you. I am habitual to you, so please don’t ruin our routine and come home. Tejo smiles and asks if he is really habitual to her. Jasmin overhears their conversation and got jealous. Fateh says that I miss you Tejo and asks her to say that Fateh I miss you too.

Tejo smiles and says that mom is close to me so I can’t say this. Tejo asks Fateh to let her stay there. He says fine, enjoy yourself with your family. Satti asks Tejo if she was talking to Fateh. Tejo says yes and I am staying here. Satti feels happy to see that Tejo is happy with Fateh and things will be fine after some time.

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Jasmine says that I am very happy that you are staying. She hugs Tejo and says that I am going to see Bebe as she is cooking Kheer for her.  To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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