The episode starts with Tejo calls Fateh for lunch but Fateh is lost thinking about Jasmin. Tejo suggests he to ignore what Gurpreet said. She also suggests that they will change Jasmine’s name and it will be a code word. The finalize Chameli as a code word of Jasmin. Fateh laughs and asks Tejo to call him Suraj Mukhi flower. Jasmin is upset and says that once she will go to Canada, everyone will laugh thinking of their words. Fateh says that Chameli was my life and she broke my heart, now you call me Suraj Mukhi.

Udaariyaan 28th June 2021

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Tejo says that once you’ll decide to move on in your life, all your sorrow will convert into happiness. She asks him to do what he enjoyed doing before Jasmin came into his life. Jasmin says that Gurpreet likes him and he will also love her after some time. She calls him but he disconnects the call. She calls him again, but he scolds her not to call him again. She says that don’t show me your attitude. Gurpreet says that you have started showing me attitude and now I have lost interest in you. Even Fateh has started living with another girl. I wanted to marry as my family wants me to get settled.

I am not going to purchase gifts for you as I am not your slave. She thinks about Fateh and messages him. Fateh blocks her number and deletes her messages. He tells Tejo that he has blocked Chameli as he decided to move on. Amrik is happy that Fateh decided to move on in his life with Tajo. Mahi says that Tejo made food for Fateh and he is happy with her. Amrik says that Tejo is a nice girl and she is not selfish like Jasmin. Khushbeer comes and says that Rupy invited us for dinner. Gurpreet says that they insulted us so we will not go. Gurpreet says that they are our relatives and we should go.

Dadi Ji says that Tejo and Fateh will come for the dinner. Dadi agrees and says that they will come for dinner as they don’t want to create any drama on Satti’s birthday. Mami calls Jasmin to help her in the kitchen. Mami says that Gippy has convinced his parents of you and he is coming with his relatives. Jasmin says that I am going back and ask Gippy not to come. Mami throws her bags and scolds her to stay here. Mama comes and asks Jasmin why did she insult Gippy? She says that she doesn’t like Gippy and want to go home. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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