Today’s episode starts with Jasmin was driving and they met with a minor accident. Jasmin apologizes to Tejo and says that I haven’t done this intentionally and apologize to Fateh as well. Tejo asks if she has done this mistakenly or intentionally. Tejo says that I need to talk to you. Fateh asks Tejo don’t get into an argument with Jasmin as she will start a drama again. Tejo comes home and asks Satti about Jasmin. Satti says that she is out with Gippy. Jasmin calls Dilraj and asks about Tejo. He asks Jasmin to come to meet me. Jasmin says that once Tejo leaves, she will come to meet him. Bebe asks Tejo about Fateh and his family. She asks Bebe to read her face and tell her. Bebe said that I want you to be happy with Fateh. Tejo laughs and says I am happy watching that you are happy with Fateh.

Udaariyaan 6th July 2021

Tejo says that I want to eat kachori. Satti goes to make kachoris for her. He asks Bebe did Fateh accepted her as his wife. She says that I don’t know but he just respected this relationship and want to move on with her. He asks Fateh talking about Jasmin. Dilraj says that Tejo just left so you can come to meet me. Jasmin calls Tejo after drinking something.

Tejo calls driver and asks him to take her to the highway. Jasmin got drunk and Tejo asks her where is Gippy. Jasmin says that Gippy broke up with me and went to his village. Tejo says that we have cleared everything to Gippy.

Jasmin says that he is not a man we thought about. She cries and Tejo hugs her. Fateh calls Tejo and asks her to come home. Raji says that there was an emergency and I am with my friend. Fateh overhears when the waiter asks her for coffee. Khushbeer offers Amrik to work with Fateh in his academy.

He refuses as Tejo is also working with Fateh. Khushbeer says that she is helping him grow his business and she is your sister-in-law. Amrik says that she is no one to me and I won’t join the academy. Fateh asks him why is he doing this to Tejo. Amrik shout and says who is Tejo to decide about our house and business.

Fateh says that if Amrik will not behave then he cannot come to the academy. He needs to learn how to respect our elders. Jasmin says that everyone leaves me, first Fateh left me and now Gippy did the same. Tejo takes him home and Jasmin requests her not to tell anyone that Gippy broke up with me. Bebe sees them and asks Jasmin about the party.

She says everything was fine. Mami says that you are lying. I got a call from Guppy’s mother and she said that Gippy is out with his friends. She says that you are lying to me. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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