The episode starts with Fateh is upset and Tejo asks him to come with her. Jasmin wanted them to stay but they leave. Fateh and Tejo reach home and Fateh says that he is sleepy and goes to his room. After some time both got awake and Tejo cheers up Fateh which made him smile. The next morning Bebe and Satti talk about Jasmin and Gippy. Jasmin says that she is trying to fix the alliance. She gets angry at Diljit and leaves. She asks Tai Ji and wanted to know about Gippy. Satti asks Jasmin to call Gippy. Jasmin lies that Gippy has gone to Patiala and I will tell him to call you. Mami comes with Jasmin’s luggage which she left at her home.

Udaariyaan 3rd July 2021

She says that these are Guppy’s alliances and she wanted to return them. She says that Guppy’s family is coming to talk about Jasmin. Jasmin says that Gippy told me that he will come when the families will meet once. Mami asks her to look after the alliances otherwise they will call her Bhagodi. She series and curse Mami. Dadi Ji is happy with Tejo and says that our family is proud of her as she is keeping their respect outside the house. Tajo takes the blessings of Dada Ji and says that I don’t want anything else. Fateh drops Tejo at the college and sees Jasmin.

She asks Jamin what are you doing here and how did she know that Fateh is with me in the restaurant. Main says that It was a coincidence and I had no idea that you were together. Tejo says that I am well aware of your intentions and I warn you to stay away from our lives. You left Fateh with your own choice so don’t trouble him now. Jasmin says that don’t show your concern about Fateh. You are just a friend to him and he will not accept you

easily. Nothing will be fine and he still loves me. Tejo says that this is your biggest misunderstanding and it will be cleared after some time. I know you cannot see that Fateh has moved on from you but one day you will see him happy without you. Now you are his past and will always be. You can never get that Fateh back who once loved you as you have lost him by your attitude. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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