Today the most anticipated episodes of Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV. So, everyone knows that the daily soup is very famous and prominent. The fan following of the show is very high and touches the peak. The characters also engaging millions of viewers to watch the highly anticipated and amazing episodes of the show.

Udaariyaan 28th August 2021

The upcoming episode begins with Fateh is in the shopping mall and he suddenly sees Tejo and Buzo are together at the mall. After that, Tejo laughs at Buzo’s words a lot that make Fateh more eager to know what is Tejo doing there.

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He thinks to call Tejo and ask but Gurpreet’s words flash in his mind. Once Gurpreet told him that he believes in Tejo very much and thinks she is a very decent girl. After seeing Tejo with Buzo, he can’t think wrong about her character, but still, he has some doubts and he makes a call to her.

When Tejo picks the call, then he asks about her whereabouts. Tejo thinks if she says everything to Fateh then the relationship between Simran and Buzo will be exposed. So, she lies to him that she had come to the NGO to teach students.

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After that, Fateh is completely stunned as he never expected that Tejo lies to him. But, he again makes a call but this time, he calls Buzo and when Buzo picks the call, he also lied to him. Now, the anger of Fateh goes beyond the level but he controls himself and comes home.

He thinks that he is also cheating on Tejo but Tejo also cheated on him. He thinks Tejo and Buzo had an affair but it is just Fateh’s assumption. Along with it, Fateh can’t tolerate her with someone else. While recalling Tejo’s laugh at Buzo’s words, Fateh breaks the glass and gets his hand bleeding.

When Tejo returns home, she finds Fateh with an injured hand and he is angry. After that, Tejo asks him about the injury but he replies that neither he is angry nor upset. Tejo can see the anger in his eyes and again ask him to tell her everything as she will help him to solve his problem.

What will happen next is still a crux of the story and millions of people all around the country are eager to know more information regarding the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan. It will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and everyone can watch tonight’s episode. So, don’t forget to watch the full story of the episode tonight.


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