We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan that begins with Jasmine and Amrik. Fateh comes in Gurudwara and finds them together. He asks them that what are they doing here? Jasmine says that they can’t let them meet in the house but they can meet in Baba’s house. Jasmine says that we will have to do something and Amrik asks for help from Fateh so, they both can reunite but Fateh says that everything will be fine soon and maybe, they need to wait for a while. Jasmine says that they are tired for asking help from others and they will have to do it themselves.


Fateh warns them not to do any wrong work otherwise, everything will be spoiled. Amrik says he will nothing do but Fateh says he believes in him but not Jasmine. Later, Fateh reminds Tejo at night. Bojo comes to him and he says that “I Hate You” were the last words of Tejo. She loved him a lot. Another side, Tanya comes to her house and feels happy. She sees her top-secret piggy bank. Fateh and Bojo feel upset.

Later, Jasmine asks for jewelry for herself so, she can wear it. Jasmine sees all the jewelry in the almirah and Satti feels upset while thinking of Tejo. Another side, Tanya goes in the cafe and finds Angad there. She gets angry and says that she will not him today as what he wants? Her friend Ruchi says that this is a cafe and can’t do this. They will have to wait for a while. Angad sees Tanya and she gets angrier. Tanya goes outside but ignores him. Angad follows her. She knows that he is following her.

He says that she is Tejo from Moga and she left her village in India before 6 months and she joined the cafe before 6 months. Tanya tells him that she was working somewhere before that 6 months. She says that she has never been to India. She shows papers to him. He burns her documents and shouts at him. She goes from there and he thinks that she couldn’t be Tejo.

Jasmine steals jewelry from Satti and Roopi’s room and goes from her house. She says that she is doing it because of them. Another side, Jasmine and Amrik run away from the house, who is running away from their house. Jasmine makes Amrik understand that they are not going for a lifetime because they will be back when everything will be fine. Suddenly, Fateh hears something and goes out of the house. He says that it is 4 AM and should go for jogging. He jogs and Jasmine finds him beside car. He says to Amrik that Fateh is behind and they hide. The Episode Ends.


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