The episode starts with Jasmin going to her uncle’s house and thinking about Fateh. Tejo is happy seeing Fateh winning. Jasmin hears that Fateh won and got excited. Amrik comes to taunt Tejo that Fateh will always love Jasmin and no one can take her place. Jasmin learnt that Tejo motivated Fateh to play and then encouraged him to win. Dadi hugs Fateh and he goes to his room for rest. Tejo sees that Fateh is injured and Gurpreet scolds him. She says that he did that intentionally. Khushbeer supports Tejo and asks her not to worry about Gurpreet. He says that you inspired him to win today.

Udaariyaan 24th June 2021.


Tejo goes to Fateh and sees his wound. She asks him if she he is remembering Jasmin. Fateh says that you are the reason behind this victory. She got emotional and Fateh says that he is shocked to know that Jasmin moved on so well. Fateh goes to take his winning trophy. He clicks a picture with his trophy and posts it online. He says that the purpose behind posting this picture is to entertain his fans. Jasmin sees his post and got angry. She also posts a picture with Guppy’s gift which made Fateh sad. Gurpreet asks Fateh to have some food as she made this specially for him. Fateh refuse to have food.

Tejo brings a bowl of soup and give it to Fateh. Gurpreet says that she has made Fateh’s favourite food so he will eat it. She tries to feed him by her hands and Tejo stops him. She says that he is injured that’s why she made soup for him. Fateh asks Tejo if she ate anything. She refuses, then he asks her to sit and share the soup with her. Tejo asks him to check the comments on his post. She says that the youngters will be inspired by you. Fateh thanks her for supporting him. She says that Khushbeer will also proud of you. She got a call form principal and

apologize that she didn’t ask her before taking leave. Principal says that you can join anytime. She says that she will join from tomorrow. Khushbeer arrives and asks Tejo what she sais to Fateh when he was about to loose the match. Tejo refuse to tell and asks him to sit as she is making herbal tea for him. Amrik comes and shows him Jasmine’s pick and says that she is the reason behind Fateh’s victory. Khushbeer says that Fateh will never be able to forget Jasmin if you will do such things. He got angry on Amrik and asks him to respect Tejo. To know more about this article stay connected to us.



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