One of the most anticipated and prominent daily soups will be going to entertain everyone by showing a very brilliant episode tonight. Udaariyaan written update of 14th September 2021 says that the episode will be going to entertain every fan all around the country. The upcoming episode begins with Fateh who fails to understand the goodness of Tejo and he is completely blinded by Jasmin’s love.

Udaariyaan 14th September 2021

He supports Jasmin even after seeing that she is constantly trying to mess up with Tejo. But, he also tries a lot to keep Tejo and Jasmin away from each other. In the latest episode, Jasmin shows him that how much she hurt after seeing Tejo in the house again.

She insults Tejo in front of Fateh a lot and she wants Tejo to leave the house. As all of us previously watched that Jasmin was afraid of Tejo’s anger but now she shamelessly claiming her rights on Fateh as he accepts her in front of everyone and leave Tejo.

Not only this, but Tejo already clears to everyone that she is here only for Biji and she is only here to take care of Biji. When Tejo says this, Fateh says then why she is always arguing with Jasmin all the time when she is here just for Biji’s sake.

Along with it, Fateh also asks her about the next move that what she will be going to do to prove to Jasmin that only Tejo has right over Fateh. Tejo says she has no place for a fraud person in her life and she would never have any right on him. Along with it, she also clears to him that she doesn’t want him back in her life. She also tells him that he is like a bad dream and she doesn’t want this dream to see again in her life. After hearing these words from Tejo, Fateh gets hurt and Jasmin provokes him to divorce.

He comes in Jasmin’s words and then he prepares the divorce papers. Then, he gives the papers to Tejo and he asks her to sign on them in front of the entire family. Now, what will happen next is still the crux of the story.

So, it will be actually highly thrilling and anticipated to watch the mind-blowing episode of the daily soup. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and everyone in the country are eager to watch the complete episode of the show without any hesitation.


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