Udaariyaan 8th November 2021 full episode written update: Tejo cries and run to her room. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan begins with the further story of the show. So, the ongoing story is already quite impressive and entertaining everyone a lot. All the characters appear in their roles very well and give fabulous moments to entertain all the  viewers. The story is actually going on very well in which some popular faces appear together. The episode that will be going to hit the television tonight will come with some unexpected turns and twists. All the stars who portray the characters of the show are fabulous and give their outstanding performances in every role very well.

Udaariyaan 29th October 2021

The upcoming episode begins with Tejo asking what is Khushbeer saying. Then, Khushbeer says a person can’t move when a thorn is stuck in the feet and says make Fateh out of her life. After hearing this, Tejo says she can understand that Khushbeer wants to see her happy as her divorce has just happened and she can’t even think about such things. Tejo further says if a woman is so weak that she can’t live without a husband or be married. She says no, she is not weak. After that, Khushbeer says he knows Tejo is very brave but he is very weak as a father and can’t see Tejo in this situation.

He further says that all these things happened to you and he couldn’t do anything. Tejo says maybe it was in fate and then he says he is wrong to be Fateh’s dad. Fateh get married to another girl and Tejo is fighting with problems alone and then he says no he will not tolerate this. Tejo says the entire family is with her but then Khushbeer says he can’t always be with Tejo as he says life is very long and ask her to think about it. After that, Tejo says please don’t force her.

Not only this, but Tejo further says that her heart and soul have deep wounds and until the wounds heal, she can’t even think to get married to another person. After telling this, Tejo cries and run to her room. Ruby says to Khushbeer that she understands her pain but forcing Tejo to get into a new relationship is not right. Now, what will happen next is actually interesting to watch and many people are curious to know more about the upcoming episode. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and many people eagerly waiting to watch the full episode tonight.


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