Udaariyaan, 8th July 2022, Written Update: Jasmine Refuses Tejo: The episode starts with Tejo thanking that Fateh is sad with her seeing his serious face and thinking to cheer him up. Tejo starts dancing like a monkey and Fateh tries to calm her while lovely questions Tejo’s abnormality. Tejo apologizes to Fateh and he tells her that he is not angry or upset with her. Here we have more information about the episode end we will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


Further Tejo tells him to prove his sentence by smiling and Fateh shows her a fake smile hoping that it will cover up his sadness. Afterward, Fateh ties his hand and Tejo’s hands and orders her to not go away from him for a full day. Tejo looks at Fateh greatly listening to the sadness in his voice but Fateh recovers himself and takes her to the jeep so that they may begin their trip for a picnic.

Earlier in the episode, Tejo plays with playthings, and Satti and Rupy get emotional seeing Tejo. Satti thanks God that Tejo came back home secure and sound. Ruby asks Fateh where he has found Tejo. Fateh tells about what had occurred. He says that he does not know what would have occurred if he had not arrived at Tejo at the time. Khuhbeer says that nothing may happen with Tejo until Fateh is with her. Gurpreet says that it’s about Tejo’s security now and asks who can give the assurance that this incident will not repeat in the future. Fateh reads in the newspaper about the person who kidnapped Tejo and learns that he is a criminal who fled from jail.

Everyone becomes shocked learning about the same. Jasmine says that the criminal might have sold Tejo. Fateh cries hugging Khushbeer and saying that he could not forgive himself if anything occurred to Tejo. Kushbeer says that nothing occurredand says that they will talk about what to do the next day. Fateh puts Tejo to sleep. Tejo gets adamant to meet Fateh’s friends again the next. Fateh yells that they will not meet them again and angrily asks who told her to go with them. Tejo says that they told him they were his friends. Tejo cries. Fateh says sorry to Tejo and reminds her to not go with anyone else than him. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of the Udaariyaan on television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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