The upcoming episode of the most prevalent daily soup, Udaariyaan is all set to entertain everyone all over the world. We know that the story of the show never misses any chance to amuse every single fan. Not only this but the makers are also ready to bring the heat again in the simple going story. The previous episode of the show already engaged many people to watch upcoming ones as well. There are uncounted people eagerly waiting to watch the upcoming episode that will be going to air tonight only on Colors TV.


Udaariyaan 4th February 2022

The episode of Udaariyaan will begin with Tejo reaches to Fateh’s room to shed tears in his remembering, considering that he has already gone to the mandap. She sees something behind the bed and goes to see. She is astounded to see Fateh lying unconscious there. He cannot think that the groom is not Fateh but someone else in the mandap. She sees Fateh’s attire and realizes that Amrik has gone to the mandap wearing Fateh’s sherwani and Sehra. Not only this but Jasmin gets married to another groom. She understands that Jasmin does not know that the groom was not Fateh.

Amrik Saves Fateh And Tejo’s Future

On the other hand, Jasmin happily takes blessings from the Virk family because she thinks that she become Virk Family Bahu. She asks her groom to lift his Sehra and show his face, finally, he hasn’t seen her face since morning. The groom lifts the Sehra and reveals his face, driving her to the core. This has become the setback of the decade for Jasmin. It will be disclosed that Amrik had given juice to Fateh to make Fateh unconscious and take her away from the hassle of marriage. Now, the story of the show has already taken a huge turn in which Amrik saves Fateh and Tejo’s future.

Jasmin goes to get prepared. She meets her friends and tells them not to worry about their future. Sweety instructs him to keep Fateh happy as Jasmin is in love with him. She tells Jasmin to be happy with her in-laws and keep them happy. Jasmin wants to take revenge on them. She tells Sweety not to lecture her and just have fun at the wedding. She becomes embellished and admires his beauty. Now, the show entertains everyone a lot and brings the heat all over the country among the audience. So, Udaariyaan tonight’s episode will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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