Udaariyaan 29th January 2022 Written Latest Episode: Jasmin is celebrating at Virk’s house: The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to hit the television on 29th January 2022. The story of the show is perfect to entertain everyone without any doubt. The show is actually very brilliant in which some outstanding stars are giving their best performance. Now, many people are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode that will be going to air tonight. The upcoming episode of the show is also ready to make the entire environment very entertaining for the audience. If you want to know some more details of the upcoming episode, you just need to stay on the same page.

Udaariyaan 29 January 2022 Written Latest Episode: Jasmin is celebrating at Virk's house

Udaariyaan 29th January 2022

So, Udaariyaan tonight’s episode will begin with Jasmin as she is celebrating at Virk’s house. Khushbeer tries to stop her but Dadaji stops her. Jasmin asks the men to put a sofa in the hall. They say that this house should look like a wedding house. On the other hand, Tejo falls in the mud. She stands up and starts running. Jasmin says she has another wonder and calls the neighbors. They all question the Virk family whether Fateh is getting married again and tell them that the whole village is talking about it. Suddenly, Nimmo taunts and asks them to leave from there.

Jasmin is celebrating at Virk’s house

In the next scene, we can see that Jasmin asks Nimmo to calm down, and then she introduces everyone to the Virk family. Let us also tell you that Tejo’s footwear gets damaged and she starts running barefoot. On this side, Jasmin makes Fateh sit on the sofa, and then she puts garlands on his neck. Not only this, but she also makes him wear Sehra but Fateh throws it away from himself. Then, he asks Jasmin why she is doing all this drama and then tells people to get out from there. Fateh taunts Jasmin saying that she is asking to sit because she wants to be the daughter-in-law of the Virk family.

Suddenly, Tejo comes there and everyone sees her. Then, Jasmin welcomes Tejo by taunting her. Just after that, Fateh sees the wounds of Tejo and gets worried for her. Jasmin taunts again by saying that they should change the family photo now. After that, she tells Tejo and Fateh to stop talking through eyes and talk openly. She makes fun of them but Tejo shuts her up. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will come with lots of fabulous moments in which Tejo and Fateh seems to get back in their beautiful relationship. It will be very exciting to watch what will happen next tonight.


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