Udaariyaan 28th July 2022 full episode written update: Jasmine Executes Her Devious Move: Here we are back with the latest update of Udaariyaan. This episode begins with Jasmine talking about taking advantage of Tejo’s innocence and telling her that she did not want to tell the family about her situation because it would have upset Tejo. Tejo feels even more guilty thinking that she put Jasmine through so much suffering while she is pregnant and promises herself and Jasmine that she will take care of both Jasmine and the baby from now on. Here we are more information about the episode and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


Udaariyaan 28th July 2022 full episode

Elsewhere, Buzo meets up with Fateh and talks to him about how Simran is getting crazier these days asking him to both drop-off and pick up Candy from school as if someone may kidnap him. However, unknown of the whole stalker thing, Fateh tells Buzo that Simran is just a normal mother who cares for her child and asks her not to worry too much about it. Earlier in the episode, Satti feeds curd and sugar to Tejo and says that her principal and student are waiting for her. Then Deepti comes there and confirms the same.

Rupy says to Tejo that Deepti described to the principal everything. So she does not need to worry. Rupy and Dadi encourage Tejo to have a new start. Tejo says to Deepti that she will come in her Scooty. Lovely says that Jasmine’s phone is not on. Lovely says that she left her phone charger at home. She also says that she will go to Lovely’s house to bring Jasmine back home. The guy sees Jasmine sleeping in his car. He wakes her up and scolds her for sleeping in his car. He wakes her up and scolds her for sleeping in his car.

Jasmine blames his car’s condition and argues with him. He says that he will call the police. Jasmine gets nervous and runs from there. At the Virks Candy gives Fateh a gift parcel to open Then Fateh opens it. Candy becomes pleased finding his favorite game. Simran claims of sent that gift to Candy. Simran gets worried finding his voice familiar. She calls Buzzo to inform him about this. Buzzo says that he is busy currently and will talk to her when he will reach home. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of the Udaariyan on television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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