Udaariyaan 27th July 2022 full episode written update: Gurpreet Accuses Tejo: This episode starts with Fateh being happy thinking that the paper windmill is sung to Tejo soon forever him and accepting their marriage. Meantime, Jasmine tries to sleep in the Mistry car and crashes Fateh for the fate she is having. In the morning, Tejo decides to go to Virk’s house and personally apologizes to Fateh once again for not paying attention to what he has done in the past. Here we have more details about the episode and we will cover it in this article, so let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


Udaariyaan 27 July 2022 full episode

However, on the way, her Scooty breaks down and she stands to wait for a rickshaw. Elsewhere, Jasmine gets up from the car and tries to remove the dust smell from her clothes. Jasmine further wanders trying to think of what to do and how to get food as she feels hungry. Earlier in the show, Satti asks Tejo why did she disturb. She asks Tejo to drink milk because she did not eat anything in the morning. On the other side, Fateh his room doors and looks at Gurpreet. She cries and apologizes to Fateh for accusing herself of Fateh’s condition. Fateh hugs Gurpreet and pacifies her.

Udaariyaan Written Update

Here Tejo says to Satti that she does not recall anything. She is afraid of learning any new disclosure. There Fateh says that he is getting punished for not valuing Tejo’s love. He says to Gurpreet to pray that Tejo realizes his love. Gurpreet says that she will pray for Tejo and Fateh’s reunion. Here Satti ensures Tejo that she did not wrong anyone. Tejo wants to know what occurred, and why Fateh married her. Satti agrees to tell her. Sandhu enacts what occurred in the last nine months.

Rupy shows the video of Fateh behaving like money to make Tejo laugh. Tejo says that she was like a child in the last nine months and asks how they managed her. Satti says that Fateh handled and saved her while they only supported her. Lovely says that even Jasmine did a lot for her. Tejo asks Satti where Jasmine is. meantime, Jasmine is wandering on the road and yells that no one can snatch her Fateh from her. Tejo says that Angad provoked her against Jasmine and said that she was using Amrik. Satti rejects it and is about to tell her about her pregnancy. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of the Udaariyaan on television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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