Today’s episode of Udaariyaan starts with Gippy asks for Jasmit and meet everyone in the house. Tejo asks her what are you doing here, Jasmin says that I came to meet you and I knew that you will here. Fateh constantly thinks of Jasmin while driving. Satti goes to see Jasmin and says that she is not in her room. She says to Mami that Jasmin is not at home, what will tell Gippy. Jasmin is going to meet Fateh, Satti says that I can’t believe that she can do this. Mami asks her to call Jasmin and say ghat Gippy is here to meet her. She calls Tejo and asks her where is Jasmin.

Udaariyaan 16th July 2021 Episode

She says that I came out for having lunch with Fateh as they decided to go yesterday but the car broke down so we came back. Mami says her to enjoy. She says that Tejo came back so I think Jamain is with Fateh. Satti asks her to call Fateh and asks if Jasmin is with him. Satti calls Fateh and asks if he is fine, he says that I am fine. He says that the car broke down so we decided to come back home. Mami says that Jasmin is not with Fateh. Suddenly Jasmin comes in front of Fateh’s car and tries to stop him. He thinks that Tejo has done that, he stops the car.

He sees Jasmin has stopped him. Jasmin asks Fateh to talk to her. Fateh refuses. Jasmin says that I love you more than my life. Fateh got frustrated and says that I loved you more than anything but you chose me over your dream to go to Canada. You were mad to go to Canada so you rejected my love. Jasmin says that I was mad at that time and I apologize that I didn’t understand your feelings. I love you so much and I have already sacrificed my dream of going to Canada. You don’t believe me than come with me I’ll show you, my love. She takes him to the gas stove and says burns her passport.

She says that Gippy is coming to meet me with his family. I don’t want to marry him, we have less time to talk to our parents. Now you decide should you choose me or lose me forever. Fateh cries and Jasmin leaves. Jasmin goes home and sees that Gippy’s parents are there. She sits with them and Gippy’s mother gifts her a chain. Mami says that you have 6 days left in this house. We have fixed your engagement tomorrow and your marriage will be after 6 days. We need to buy the bridal dress for you. Now, the further story of Udaariyaan will be interesting to watch as it is full of interesting and crispy turns and twists.


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