Talking about the most prominent and brilliant daily soup, Udaariyaan is the only one that crosses all the high numbers of the TRP. From the beginning the show collecting lots of love from the audience and bringing heat every time when the makers come with a new turn and twist. The upcoming episode of the show will begin with Gurpreet saying Tejo, she is right. Then, Nimmo says people will talking if they know Fateh’s wife isn’t with him. After that, Jasmin behaves sweetly with everyone and holds Tejo. Then, Tejo recalls her words and then Jasmin says she knows that she hates her sister a lot.


Then, she requests her don’t leave animosity on the academy, and then Fateh thanks, Jasmin. After hearing this, Jasmin says she thought well because she don’t let anyone know about the relationship of Fateh and Jasmin till the divorce of Tejo and Fateh. Otherwise, people will start talking about the affair of Fateh and Jasmin. Fateh asks if Tejo will get ready to come and then Jasmin says that she will surely come. Then, she eats the food but she coughs as it is so spicy and she asks for water. Fateh calls out and asks someone for water.

Udaariyaan, 24th September

Suddenly, Tejo comes out and asks what happened. Not only this, but she gets the water and feeds Jasmin. Tejo and Fateh both holding Jasmin and they see each other. Tejo yells at Jasmin about why she eats spicy food if she can’t tolerate it. Jasmin says thanks to Tejo and she says make Fateh ready on time tomorrow and then Tejo goes from there. When Tejo goes, Jasmin says Fateh that she is not Tejo who keeping his clothes as he is not a kid. Fateh says she is a kid, he will get his clothes himself. In the next scene, Rupy says Khushbeer invites everyone, Jasmin can create a new problem.

After that Bebe says that if Jasmin goes with them, the entire pind will know what happens in the Virk house. Fateh says no, but he said Jasmin won’t be coming and she told this herself. Fateh says he doesn’t understand her properly and then Jasmin looks on when Tejo goes from there. Jasmin says if everyone knows who is real Mrs. Virk then what will happen to Tejo. Now, it will be actually very interesting to watch the complete episode of the show. The upcoming episode will be actually very superb that heating up the entire environment without any hesitation. Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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