Udaariyaan, 24th June 2022, Written Update: Pihu’s Gift Shocks Priya: Here we are back with the latest update of Udaariyaan. This serial is very famous and popular among people. This serial is exciting and entertaining. It is running well with high TRP on the television. The episode beings with a football match starting. Fateh kicks the ball. Jasmine sees the man covering the match. She excuses herself to Tejo with the excuse of making a phone call. Jasmine calls Sweety and confirms that her brother is covering the football match. She says to Sweet to inform her brother to force Fateh and Tejo. Fateh hits a goal. Virks are seeing the match live and cheering for Fateh. Here we have more information about the news, so let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 

Here, Gurpreet says to the family that Fateh went to the Sandhu’s house last night because Tejo got obstinate to meet him and now also he took Tejo with him for the match. She taunts saying that if they need to watch Fateh’s match or Tejo’s commotion. Khusbeer asks how she got to know this. Gurpreet says from Jasmine when she called her last night. Fateh’s opposite team players push Fateh and he falls down. Tejo gets worried about Fateh and she wants to go to him but she stops herself by recalling Fateh’s words.

Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Update

Jasmine and Tejo cheer for Fateh. Tejo gets angry when Jasmine says that Fateh is hers, She argues with Tejo. The staff notices this and wonders why Tejo is behaving weirdly. Jasmine says to Tejo that she is going to buy popcorn for her and goes from there. Tejo gets a whistle in front of a student and cheers for Fateh. The cameraman focuses the comers on her. Sandhu’s are seeing the live match. Satti gets worried about how people will behave knowing Tejo’s condition. Rupy says that they should not worry about others and support Tejo.

Rupy says that those who really loved her must accept her as she is. Jasmine meets the staff and tells them. The match begins again after the pause. Jasmine intentionally angers Tejo by pushing her and saying that Fateh is hers. Tejo gets angry and yells at her. The staff sees this. The Virks see this life. Gurpreet says to Khhbeer to make Fateh knows to make his own decision. Gurpreet gets worried about Fateh knowing to make his own decision. Gurpreet is worried about Fateh and laments. Nimmo says to Gurpreet that Fateh will have realization when he will face humiliation because of Tejo. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of Udaariyaan on the television. Stay tuned for more information. Stay tuned for more updates.


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