The episode starts with Jasmin and Mami. Mami scolds Jasmin to misbehave with Gippy. She slaps Jasmin and warns her not to repeat this. Jasmin packs her bag and says that I am going back as this place is not where I can live anymore. Mami snatches her bag and says that she will not let her go. Gippy comes to meet Jasmin and Jasmin asks him to take her home. It will be a long drive as well. Gippy takes her to home where Jasmin see Teko and Fateh shaking hands. Fateh says Teko that J want to move on in my life and yous Leah’s helped me

Udaariyaan 1st July 2021

to move on from Jasmin. So, from today we are friends. Teko is happy to know that and shakes hands with Fateh which makes Jasmin jealous. Fateh and Tejo join the game again. Jasmin enters the house and everyone got shocked. Teko sees Fateh and Fateh sees Jasmin. He gets upset and goes to the kitchen. Tejo goes to the kitchen and asks if he is fine. He smiles and says that now Jasmin would not be able to affect me. I have decided to move on and will not think about her. I know

this is not easy but one day I had to face this. So the time has come and I will face this truth. Jasmin wishes Aarti and said that I am here to surprise you on your birthday. Fateh is waiting for cake delivery and goes to see him at the main door. Tejo says that I know this is difficult to move on from the person you have loved. If you are not comfortable staying here then we can leave. Fateh smiles and says that this is difficult to face Jasmin but I will face her each time she will cross my path. Jasmin says that I need to freshen up as it was a long drive.

Rupy says Satti that I haven’t invited Jasmin to the party then who did. I will not spare her now. Bebe says that let Jasmin be here till Fateh and Tejo leaves. Do not make any drama in front of Fateh. The cake gets delivered and Fateh asks Satti to cut the cake. Satti says that Tejo and Fateh will cut the cake with me for our friendship. They cut the cake which makes Jasmin jealous. Jasmin tries to serve samosa to Fateh but he calls Tejo and asks her to serve him sweets. Fateh and Tejo take a leave from everyone. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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