We are back with another great and brilliant written update of the most prominent daily soup Udaariyaan. So, the show collecting lots of love and appreciation from the beginning because of the outstanding story and amazing work of the stars. The upcoming episode begins with Mayi saying to get ready in her bathroom. She placed a new dress that Biji gave for Tejo. When Tejo sees the dress she gets happy and hugs Mayi. Jasmin looks on and the entire family gathered for Puja. The scholar asks who will perform the Puja as only a couple can do it. After that Biji says Tejo and Fateh will do it.

Udaariyaan 10th September 2021

Jasmin holds Fateh’s hands to stop him but Biji says they both aren’t divorced yet. Then, Fateh and Tejo stand together while Jasmin looks at them angrily. Nimmo whispers to Jasmin that the family won’t let the divorce between Fateh and Tejo happen. Then, Fateh and Tejo perform the Puja and then Tejo notices a rat statue near Ganapati. After that, Fateh took the Ganpati statue out of the house. Tejo and Mayi dances and Tejo does the Ganapati aarti. Along with it, Gurpreet gives Tejo milk to pour it over Ganapati statue. While Tejo pouring milk on the Ganapati statue she mistakenly pours the milk over Jasmin.

Suddenly, Nimmo reminds that Fateh insulted Tejo for wearing this dress, and then Fateh recalls the moment when Jasmin argues with Tejo for spoiling her dress. Mayi says it’s her mistake and Jasmin blames Tejo. After that, Fateh says Jasmin to change the dress, and then she leaves from there angrily. Tejo and Fateh lift the statue of Ganapati to put it in the water. After that, Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words and then looks at the rat statue. Now, Tejo gets ready to leave, and then Jasmin comes out and says goodbye.

Along with it, Jasmin also says that along with the walls of the house, the color of the walls will also change. Tejo replies that they will see it and leaves. Tejo meets all the family members and leaves from there. In the upcoming episode, Jasmin makes Tejo out of the house and now she is planning to make sure that Tejo will never come back. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to show a very genuine and brilliant story in which a very huge turn and twist will be going to take place. The episode will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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