Today’s episode starts with Fateh is drinking and Tejo stops her as he is drinking for an hour. He says that we are a couple and will dance together. Tejo stops him but he plays music and holds her hand to dance. He feels relaxed dancing with Tejo then the bell rings. Tejo asks him to go inside the room and don’t come out till she says. Fateh goes inside the room and Tejo opens the door. She sees Bebe and Satti and got shocked to see them this time. Bebe says that she needs to meet everyone where are they. Tejo says that no one at home as they went to Vaishno Devi.

Udaariyaan 15th June 2021 Full Episode Written Updates!

Satti asks her if she is with Fateh. Bebe asks her why she has played the loud music. Tejo says she was cooking and enjoying the music. Satti gives her Kachori that Rupy sent for her. Tajo asks her to go home and call her. Bebe goes inside the room and asks what the matter is. Tejo tried to hide the bottle of alcohol then Satti asks her to show what she is cooking. She says that she was cleaning the house then Fateh calls Tejo. Tejo stops him to come outside and she will be there in a while. Fateh asks her to bring his bottle of alcohol. He doesn’t wait for Tejo to come and comes out of his room.

Bebe and Tejo step out of the house and Fateh stops them. He behaves weirdly that Bebe and Satti notice but they feel embarrassed and leave their house. Tejo scolds him to make fun of their relationship in front of outsiders. Fateh says that our marriage is already a joke and asks her to drink some alcohol to enjoy life. She refuses him and asks to sleep. He rests in her lap and starts crying. He says that Jasmin ruined his life. Tejo feels

bad and says that this is what life is and we need to accept the reality. She tries to console him and feels bad for him. He says that it would be very difficult to live like this. Tejo says that be patient and time will heal each wound. He says that I have loved Jasmin and my life will be incomplete without her. Tejo takes him to their room and asks him to sleep. Fateh holds her hand and asks her never to leave. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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