The most anticipated television show is going on and entertaining everyone very well. Yes, we are talking about Udaariyaan because it is the only show which is holding the top position in the TRP Chart in the daily soup section. After we get that many people are searching to know the written update of the upcoming episode then we decided to provide you the perfect details related to the show. Here, you will get the most relevant details which you are searching for on the internet. The popularity of the television show is extremely high and the makers holding such a huge viewership regularly watching the brilliant episodes of the show.

Udaariyaan 14th June 2021

If we talk about the upcoming episode of the show then it begins with Fateh who is worried and thinking about Jasmin’s reactions. Teju comes and taunts him that he has no idea what he will say in front of Jasmin. After hearing this, Fateh tells that he did everything to feel Jasmin jealous but Tejo clarifies that she hates to get used to him and it will better if he stopped doing this to her.

In the next scene, Jasmin comes home and overhears Dadu saying “I pray to God so that Teju and Fathe can become together soon”.

After everyone sees Jasmin is out then everyone asked her how did she able to escape and come out. She replies that she came out from the window. When the family notices the passport in her hand and she tells everyone that Fateh will never shower her love on Tejo because he still loves me and will always love me. After listening to this her parents worried about her. When everyone leaves for the temple, Tejo asks Fateh for breakfast but he denies and tells her not to show any concern for him.

Later, Tejo tells him that she will be going to clean his room but Fateh taunts her to join MNC. While cleaning the room of Fateh, Tejo breaks a frame of Fateh and Jasmin. Meanwhile, Fateh enters the room and yells at Tejo, and she apologizes to him. But,

she further said that he has to forget Jasmin as everything is over now between them and he must move on. Now, after seeing the story of the show it is cleared that the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be very amazing. The show airing on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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