We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan that starts with Tejo who asks students to sit in the bus. She says that one more teacher will come. Fateh comes there and congrats her. Tejo asks what is he doing here. He comes onto the bus. Tejo calls to Tannu and asks why did not she tell her about Fateh. She says that there was no other teacher available. Tejo says that she knows Fateh did this intentionally. Fateh asks him to come and she says that why does he doing this? Later, the bus starts and Tejo is finding a seat but couldn’t. Later, she sits alongside Fateh in the bus.

udaariyaan today episode

He says that he just want to save her. Jasmine is living with someone. Satti says that what is she doing here and who is the guy? Jasmine says that she works for her. Jasmine says that he is working for her and she has lots of money to give and can also give her. She says that if she need money or any car, she can purchase for her. Satti slaps her. Jasmine says that she earned money from her mind. Jasmine says that why she is worried, as she is worrying for Tejo because he could do something wrong with her.

On the other side, Fateh laughs at Tejo and other side, Satti, and Jasmine argue with each other. Satti asks him to come to the house. Jasmine says that without them, she is living happily. Satti says that whenever her anger will end, she will depreciate, and then, she will think about her father. Jasmine asks her to wait as she will not get any sympathy. Another side, Students ask Fateh and Tejo to sing. Fateh Denise but students insist. Fateh says that she is okay. Everyone sings with her.

On the other side, Satti asks Jasmine what is the surprise and what is she trying to do? Jasmine asks her to wait and Satti thinks that what she will do? Later, when everyone visits their place and puts their tent to stay there for a while. Later, Fateh asks about Tejo but Rupa says that the boy is sleeping but Tejo did not come yet. He reminds the words of Jasmine and he rushes to save Tejo from Jasmine’s action. Jasmine is in the jungle and waiting for her. Tejo comes on the road and Fateh also reaches there. Jasmine thinks that this is the right time for her and Fateh sees a car coming towards Tejo. He shouts and the car accelerates faster. The Episode Ends.


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