The upcoming episode of the show is all set to bring the heat all over the country. Yes, we are talking about Udaariyaan because it is one of the most prominent shows that is airing on Colors TV. Along with it, the show has gained lots of love and huge TRP from the audience. Many people continuously watch the show without any hesitation because they just want to watch the upcoming story in which some major turns and twists are going to be held. The upcoming episode begins with Tejo saying it was too much. After that, Angad says they are just like his family friends.


Then, Tejo says him, if he remembers that they both have to get the petrol. Angad says he remembers everything and asks her to sit and then they both leave. Suddenly, a biker goes from there and Angad applies the brakes and he recalls the accident and shouts. After that, he says don’t know, people value their lives or not. She says people get inspiration from Angad, he lost a lot in his life, still, he to be happy, she also lost a lot, but she is happy that her family is safe and happy.

Udaariyaan 13th December 2021

In the next scene, we can see that Fateh sees their car, Angad asks Tejo to smile. After seeing this, Fateh leaves from there. On the other hand, Jasmin dancing with Sweety. Then, Jasmin asks Sweety to see her new clothes, shoes, purses, and a new flat. After that, she says that she threw the money at the hotel manager and asks him to order the food for her. After that Sweety says the food is too expensive. Jasmin replies to her to get a habitat of expensive things. After that, Jasmin gives her a gift and she likes the bag a lot.

When she see the price tag on the bag, it shocked because the bag is worth Rs. 15,000. Then, Jasmin says she writes her fate by her own hands. She says she will earn money and take her revenge on Fateh and Tejo. Now, it will be actually very interesting to watch what will happen next. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to heat up the entire environment because of some major turns and the superb acting of stars who portray the lead roles in the daily soup.


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