Who Is Tyler Parker? 14-Year-Old Football Recruit – Instagram, Twitter, Parents: Tyler Parker, a 14 years old boy and has emerged a lot of popularity on the social media platform Twitter from his alluring physical fitness. There are a lot of universities that are looking to hire Tyler Parker to play for them. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Tyler Parker

Who is Tyler Parker?

Tyler Parker is a high school student who has made his physical heath in a way that has emerged a massive fan base for maintaining his body at such a young age. However, Tyler Parker is only a 14 years old boy from California. He has received a lot of offers from different colleges to play for them, but he joined the college in which he wanted to play.

Tyler Parker 14-Year-Old Football Recruit

Tyler Parker is seen to benchpress 185lbs twenty-five times and he can also deadlift the 415lbs. Tyler Parker also claims to have good speed as he says that he can cover the 40-yard dash in 4.9 seconds. It is also said, that the boy is much heavier than the superstar of the NFL Aaron Donald, even though Tyler Parker is more than half the age of Aaron Donald.

Tyler Parker Instagram, Twitter

Tyler Parker usually posts his workout photos and videos through his social media accounts and he is an active member of the Instagram community. Even a few days ago, one of the workout videos of the boy went viral on social media platforms and he started to gain massive fame since then.

His Twitter account is @iam_tylerparker, and the Instagram account and the Facebook accounts Tyler Parker are still not confirmed as there are many accounts with the same name Tyler Parker.

Offers of top universities for Tyler Parker

Since Tyler Parker has been among the trend, some of the top universities have put their eyes on the 14 years old boy to make him play for their universities. Tyler Parker is receiving offers from Ole Miss, Texas A&M, and LSU.

One of the former recruiters from the University of Oregon, Ryan Vidales has put his eyes on Tyler Parker, and he has said that Tyler Parker is the one his team is looking to hire the boy, in the upcoming years.

Ryan Vidales has said, that he would never forget the kid who comes out of Orange County and has a great combination of size, speed, and physic at such a young age of 14. Currently, Ryan is waiting for the forthcoming game at Santa Margarita in the upcoming season.


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