Recently, a video is getting viral on social media in a speedy manner. A Flordia woman has been apprehended after she was found abusing her one-year-old daughter in a viral video. Tya Posley is 23 years old, she was arrested on Tuesday morning by Sanford cops at her home after learning of the video shared on her story, trusted media has reported. This news is getting viral on the web, and grabbing the attention of the people. people are hitting the search engine with several questions to know their answers. Here we will share all the details about the news. We will try to cover all the essential points. Let’s continue the article.

Tya Posley video leaked twitter

According to the report, In the heartbreaking video, You can hear Tya saying to the kid “Your dad wants to post shit right, he wants to post shit and not answer the fucking calls. I hate your ass,” before slapping the kid’s face and back. When officers reached Ty’s house, they were initially there to check on the kid’s health. While they reportedly couldn’t find any injury on the kid’s body. They have recognized the victim, who appeared in the video as a one-year-old. In addition, they have confirmed that  Tya was the lady, who beat the kid.

Tya Posley Leaked Video

Social media has responded to the video calling for the held to be held accountable. All are giving their reaction to the video, they are saying about her, that she did wrong to her own daughter. One person tweeted “This Tya Lynn lady should be in prison immediately and she needs to lose all custody of her child.

She has to be a different type of bad guy to hurt a child.” Ari Fletcher also expressed their thoughts for the lady to tweet “please go to prison. God bless this kid! It’s disgusting.  It’s sad when they make fun of a black man.

Who Is Tya Posley?

Tya is currently being held with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department and faces allegations and charges of child abuse without causing severe bodily harm. She was free on $2,000.00 bail and officers have given the instructions and orders to appear in court on 7 June. At this time, the abused girl is in the care of Child Protective Services (CPS). We have shared all the essential details in this article, which we have fetched from other social media. If we get any details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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